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Imagine my 92-year old grandmother in her walking stick, limping up to my bed at 3 am in the morning, “Sharmin, I have a message to share with the world. Will you please write it for me?”

I believe each one of us has a message to share, but most of us do not know how to craft and narrate our stories. Writers around the world love to write but a lot of them do not know how to write a book.

Since time immemorial, our basic instinct has been driven by curiosity. Right from the early days, when the man would go hunting for his family, he would come back home and share his hunting adventures with the rest of the community, everyone would be amazed with the bravery this man would have shown to capture food for the weekend and he would be surrounded by praises; till today when we go camping and listen to innumerable incidents of the jungle adventures, we all love listening to STORIES. From the granny narrating fairyland to the kids to the extraordinary movies, to the slightly more controversial religious books to history to the more recent social media stories, there is a story in every part of our lives. We all have a message to share with the world. According to a recent survey, an average youth writes about 2800 words daily on social media. So, if you get the math right, s/he would end up writing 28000 words in ten days, practically the size of a book!

After completing my engineering degree, I joined one of the world’s largest analytics companies, working for Fortune 100 companies to mine data, write codes and eventually storyboard the entire project on how we were helping them solve a major problem and that it was their breakthrough moment. Well, analytics is not the point of concern here. The point is that even after doing a market-mix modeling for them, we would finally boil down to narrating a story, showing their journey from their current state to our future predicted state and how we can bridge that gap using data (not to forget the additional selling build-up showing a very rosy picture, a promise given by every analytics/consulting company!)

After two years, I quit my job and traveled across India doing theatre (stories again). It was during this time that I wrote my first book: Y.O.U (‘You Own Yourself’) – Confessions of an Objective Hegemonist! Of course, the next step was to look for a publisher. Well, I shall like to give a statement in writing here: “I was rejected by 16 and a ½ publishers!” The half because the 17th one I rejected after he kept me holding up for two months! Finally, the 18th one agreed. My book was announced a bestseller by the Oxford bookstores and the New Indian Express, six months later.





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You can read my first book on Amazon

My second book is about the start-up culture and how it forced me to become a RACIST! Yes, you heard me right! I recently finished writing my second book which is slated for a September ’17 release. However, the crucial subject of the book garnered a lot of media attention. You may check the links by clicking on the logos below to read these articles:







I had shared the links to these articles on my social media pages (https://twitter.com/SharminAli1).

After reading them, a lot of people wrote to me sharing their desire to write a book. Initially, I would just tend to have an informal conversation on the phone or on Whatsapp or just through emails to suggest a few ideas. But over a period of time I realized that the number of messages were just increasing. In fact, there was a point when my personal website (http://sharminali.com/) was flooded with enquiries of how to write a book! It was then that I realized that this was an actual problem. However, I wanted to be sure of what I was getting into. So, I called up 107 people (the ones who had dropped their contact details on my website) out of the 400 odd requests. I scheduled a time to interview them as I wanted to understand what their real problem was. After asking a number of questions about their book-writing aspirations, there was one question that I asked everyone:

“Would you be interested in using a product that could train you to write a book and also evaluate your writing standards and suggest you on what you should be doing to improve it?”

It turned out that 84 out of the 107 people I interviewed, felt that writing a book was their greatest dream and that it was also an impossible task for them. However, each one said YES to using such a training product!

This was the problem validation!

So, I decided to do something about it. I had been through a terrible time while writing my first book, so I knew the experience could be harrowing. I pledged that I would not let anyone else go through the same grind as I did! I have always had a habit of creating notes from the 500+ books that I’ve read or even the two that I have written. I went through everything and there began the journey of creating a training product that would help anyone to become an author. The only condition being that they should know the language. There is no dearth of ideas in this world, everyone has a message to share, a personal story or an experience. I’m not teaching language skills to anyone, neither am I giving ideas, I’m giving them the way to craft their ideas into a story and make a book out of it. I believe that writing a book is a skill that anyone can learn and you do not need to have a great vocabulary to write one.

I want to teach that skill to each one of you!

We launched our MVP recently and wanted to do a first-hand market validation of the training product. Here are a few reviews from our very first wordsmiths:

BM Poonacha (CEO, Real Estate Heroes)


For a very long time, I had been planning to write a book because I feel writing a book is the only way I could reach out to a large number of audiences. Incidentally I happened to meet Sharmin about 1.5 years ago for some other purpose. I recently asked her if she could write a book for me. She was shocked and she said, “Why do you want me to write a book for you when you can yourself create your own masterpiece?” I was surprised because I had no time and idea about how to put across my thoughts. So, she told me about her training program. I couldn’t believe that there could be a full-fledged product on writing a book! So out of curiosity, I decided to attend this course. What turned out next was the most blasphemous thing I had ever imagined! Picture this! You attend a course and then your manuscript is ready within a month! Need I say more! This is highly recommended for any person who wants to write a book and become a published author! Sharmin is one woman who has the power to change the way you look at life!


Cover page of Poonacha’s first book

Arun Nair (IT Professional)


I have been working as a software engineer for the last 6 years in Bangalore, living a very mundane life with the usual 9-hour work schedule. Writing has always been a very distant dream to me. I would write and tear and never collect anything. I heard about Sharmin from a friend of mine, who suggested talking to her once about how to write a book. I never thought I could meet her as she was a very established person by then. But she turned out to be the most humble and the most encouraging individual I have ever met. After completing the course with her, I got a very structured model to writing and I could see my dream come true. She is an expert in brain science and understands the reader’s brain very well. I have already completed close to 100 pages of my manuscript. Sharmin gave wings to my dream and I feel like a bird ready to fly. Thank you Sharmin!


Cover page of Arun’s first book

Vishal Upadhyay (Ex-Banker with a Fortune 100 Bank, New-Delhi)

Last year I took a sabbatical from work as I wanted to expand my horizons to fulfil my passion for writing and write something which would get published. However, I didn’t have the guidance and every time I thought about it, I failed miserably. I was always bogged down by the idea of getting a book published in India as it seems to be next to impossible for a common man. That is when I chanced upon Sharmin at a seminar and I decided to join her classes. I never knew that writing could be so easy. You don’t have to pursue a course in journalism or literature to be a writer. What you need is Sharmin’s models to write your book. Sharmin has a unique way of conducting her classes where she has developed a number of models to understand the science of writing. In the first class itself, I could see a difference in my content and then by the end of the course, there was a hugely distinct transformation in my style of writing. I recommend these classes for any budding authors who are confused about how to start. Sharmin not only talks about why, what and how you should write a book, but she offers a 360-degree angle toward the business of writing. She also talks about how to publish your book. The most surprising thing is that her models are based on brain science and positioning!  

Lakshmi Naidu (CEO, GJ Solutions and PR expert)

This is the most revolutionary product of this century! It is a step-by-step process to writing your story and getting it published. This is a sheer breakthrough in the field of literature.

Joseph Pulikkottil (Vice-President, Citibank, Founder of NGO and Philanthropist)


I have been working with Citibank for a very long time. After 12 years of work, I finally decided to take a break and move out to do what I really wanted to do. I have been always very interested about Science and Economics. I used to read about them a lot and always wanted to write something different from the regular stereotype jargon. In the meantime, I met Sharmin through a common friend. Our first conversation took place over the phone. The kind of perspectives she gave me over the phone made me feel that if there were one person who can drive me to achieve the impossible, then that was her and only her. She was so influential that after our first talk itself, I was sure about soon completing my first book. She not only taught me how to write a book but also the secrets of marketing it. She gave such mind-blowing ways to market and promoting my book that I was amazed. I have already started writing my first book titled ‘Grey Matter Dialogues’ and all thanks to Sharmin. She is 28 and truly, age is just a number. There is no age to impact lives. Thank you Sharmin for such an amazing impact on my life! 


Temporary Cover page of Joseph’s first book

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